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Hold-Ups 6" Childrens Elastic Mitten Clip Straps with Patented No-slip Clips

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Mit-n-Ups are mitten and glove clips on a 6" long and 1/2" wide USA made red, blue or Black elastic straps (2 per pack). The matching color composite plastic Patented Gripper clasps are used on these Holdup Suspender Company exclusive short mitten clips that come in 3 colors. No more lost mittens, or kids gloves, as these simply clamp to your kids coat sleeves on one end.... and the mittens or gloves on the other. Even the family dog can't pull these loose as they hold tighter the harder you pull on them. Snow and rain won't harm them as they're washable. Kids small fingers are safe too since the composite plastic clasps have a kid safe design. Snap open and clamp shut is seconds. These mitten straps are part of the Holdups Childrens collection of smaller sized suspenders and Bib or Hat straps and the 42" long Mit-n-Straps that thread through your child's coat sleeves with clasps on each end. Choose and of 3 colors sold here at Amazon and buy using Amazon's secure shopping cart with a 30 day money back guarantee. These Mitten Gripper Clasp straps can also be useful around the house for a variety of purposes from securing Motorized Bed fitted sheets and Pillow straps to securing Kitchen towels to door handles. Use your imagination as I also use these to secure Baby Crib Bedding and Crib Sheets to prevent SIDS suffocation accidents from loose crib bedding. The only Mitten clips that will truly Holdup to your Kids outdoor play and secure mittens to coats at school

  • Patented Composite Plastic super strong Gripper Clasps that hold tighter the harder you pull on them
  • Gripper Clasp in three matching strap colors easily attached to Mitten or gloves and coat sleave
  • 1/2 inch wide made in the USA elastic straps are 6 inches long
  • Multiple uses from mitten clips to crib bedding straps and pillow fasteners
  • The Kid Safe Gripper Clasps open wide enough for thicker coat sleeves and various thicknesses of Gloves and Mitten material