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Hold-Ups 8" Hat and Scarf Clip Straps with Patented Gripper Clasps

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These 8" long Hat, scarf or pillow clip straps are USA made with 1/2" elastic fabric straps in red, blue or black. The Patented matching color Holdup exclusive "Gripper Clasps" are safe and simple to attach for any childs small fingers. Holdup 8" blue hat, scarf or pillow straps with matching color composite plastic gripper clasps sell 9.95 in a 2 pack. Attach your hat or cap to your shirt collar when performing active outdoor activities with facing strong winds like biking, hiking, mountain climbing or snow skiing. You can also use these as pillow straps on motorized hospital beds to keep pillows or even heating pads in place. Other uses are for securing crib bedding or attaching kitchen towels to cabinet handles and hundreds of additional uses you can think of where a strong strap is needed to secure items in place. These have USA made 1/2" wide elastic blue, red or black 1/2" wide washable fabric straps and are 8" long. Imagine the uses for this versatile strap that sell for 9.95 in a 2 pack set. These Hat and Scarf straps are available in black, blue or red colors.