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For years, suspender wearers have had to contend with clip-on suspenders that kept slipping off their pants. Many wearers attempted to bend the metal clips to improve the gripping power, but this “quick fix” seldom worked. Driven by the frustration of inefficient clips that constantly let go, Sal Herman (now known as “The Suspender King”,) applied a little American ingenuity to create a solution..... the patented “No-Slip"® Suspender Clip. The clip features a single, needle-sharp pin in the center of the clasp, which pierces and locks into the waistband, without cutting or damaging the fabric.

Patented No-slip Holdup suspender clips and the new Gripper Clasp

We recently were granted a patent on our cam activated “No-Slip"® composite plastic gripper clasp. They are ideal for using on delicate  or non-woven fabrics, as well as airport friendly, metal-free suspenders. Our patented Sheet Stay-Downs™ are the answer to keeping fitted bedsheets taut and in place without damaging delicate fabrics.

The newly patented flush webbing design of our invisible undergarment suspenders is developing into some of our most popular products. You may place your order by phone (1 800-700-4515 ext 0 ), mail, via the internet, or by visiting any of the 2100 plus retailers who carry Hold-Ups®. View a list, including phone, address and map location, by visiting our website at   www.suspenders.com/about-us/store-locator/

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 Our company  provides just what the name implies... Suspenders that really do HOLD UP. Our patented no-slip clip®, and the new plastic gripper clasp™, are the first improvement in suspenders in over a century. Put on a pair of our patented suspenders and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

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Over the decades, suspenders maintained a hold in the full spectrum of the clothing accessory world. First, they provided the comfort of wearing looser pants, so as not to contend with wearing a tight, restrictive belt (which did not necessarily hold up their pants anyway). Second they added elegance to business and formal attire. Most attempts to bring them into the mainstream have failed, because traditional suspender clips did not have the gripping power to keep them in place and prevent them from slipping off the pants.

In 1996, Sal Herman  and his wife Judee began the Holdup Suspender Company. Using newly patented patented no-slip clip, they designed and marketed a variety of men's clip-on suspenders which included styles and USA made fabrics for work, sports, casual, dress and formal wear. Our family run company is constantly researching new USA made products that utilize our patented suspender clips and have been selling online since 1997. 

Sal and Judee Herman own and operate Holdup Suspender Company in Southfield Michigan

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