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Larry King Signature Series

Newsflash: Holdup Suspenders now are officially endorsed by Larry King

TV Celebrity and Talk show host Larry King, known as Mr. Suspenders, meets up with the Holdup Suspender Company founder and suspender patent holder Sal Herman, often called the Suspender King. They met in person Jan 24th at Larry King's California home for a Holdup Suspender endorsement photo shoot. Surprise! They both prefer wearing jeans daily with their favorite suspenders at work and play. Sal and Larry King collaborated on the USA made design, elastic strap fabric, and colors for his limited edition Holdup Suspenders in 4 trademarked colors. These Larry King Signature Series Holdups are collector items folks as the only suspenders Larry has ever had with his signature embossed on the Black Leather crosspatch.

Larry King limited edition signature series Holdup Suspenders are sold here for 54.95

The dual clip Double-Ups Style has a traditional button suspender brace look like Larry's huge collection of button on braces... but they're much easier to put on and have no waistband rollover problem common with sewn suspender buttons. Also sold on this page are Holdup styles Larry King tested during the photo shoot at his Hollywood California Mansion. Be the first to own these limited edition and limited quantity Larry King Collector edition Holdup suspenders before they are sold out.... now on sale for 50% discount

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